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Creative Ideas for a Fashion Showcase Virtual Workshop targeting young adults (13+) with a passion for modelling. A successful model workshop where professionals teach you their secrets. Newcomers to the business, as well as seasoned pros who wish to further their careers, might benefit from participating in an online modelling workshop. Professionals in the field lead our online ZOOM workshop. Listen to her suggestions, and you'll be ready to break into the modelling world.

Things We'll Talk About

Different Modeling Approaches Industry-Specific Advice and an Overview of Sample Modeling Agreements

What and who

Designed specifically for Teens and Young Adults (13 and above) who want to pursue a career in modelling. Everybody is welcome to join this helpful discussion, which will be guided by actual working models and will take place online.

When and where

An online workshop for aspiring fashion models. Below, you may enter your email and become one of the first to find out. The day before the meeting, everyone who has agreed to attend will get an invitation with a Zoom ID number.